Rare crackling noises upon kit change

I’m finally rerecording an album that’s been lying around for too long. The initial recording had crackling noises which I thought was due to me not being careful with the audio levels.

Now recording track by track, I realized the noise has nothing to do with levels, and everything to do with kit changes.

Sometimes it’s because the track’s reverb changes from one pattern (and kit) to the next. Sometimes it’s the oscillator volume that mustn’t change between patterns. Just now I fixed it by muting the three tracks I wasn’t recording – so the mutes stayed identical between patterns. For recording track by track, this hack works. For live playback, it wouldn’t.

I searched the forums for A4 kit change noises, but didn’t find anything (only on mobile, will do again when in the laptop). So: did anyone here experience this sort of behavior?

PS: latest firmware, happens with and without Overbridge. I also hear it when simply using headphones directly from the A4.

So you’re saying there’s unwanted noise when you switch from one pattern to the next and the second one is using a different kit while the sequencer is running, correct? A step by step description of what you’re doing exactly might be helpful. If you have some audio to illustrate the issue, let’s hear it! :wink:

Standard question: Have you sent a support request to Elektron?

Haven’t contacted the support yet, this forum was my first choice.

Can send audio examples once I’m back home!

Step by step guide: if I had that, I would have described it like that. Alas, the description I posted is the best I can do for now.