Raspberry Pi + Pure Data + Midi Controller = Granular Sampler?

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I have this idea of creating a Granular Sampler out of a headless Raspberry Pi, controlled by a midi controller (Akai MidiMix).


  • the Rapsberry Pi would run headlessly a Granular Sampler Pure Data script.
  • A sample bank would be preloaded in the Raspberry Pi SD card.
  • Since it is controlled by the Akai MidiMix. I had those midi control in mind:

I’ve been cruising Github and the Web for interesting scripts…

Found these so far:

Granular Sampler




Granular Synthesis from Musicalogic

:thinking: Have you folks tried some interesting Pure data scripts that could make the idea work? Have you experienced similar ideas?

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This could be an inspiration as well : https://youtu.be/-Au0HvOqZjk

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Take a look into ORAC and Patchbox OS. You’ll also need a DAC. Pisound apparently works well with all of this. I could never get it running on my HIFIBerry DAC+ ADC Pro but it was the PD part from a Windows system that was hanging me up. I just lost patience and moved on.

@thetechnobear I believe is the developer for ORAC (don’t quote me on this).

He has a couple of YouTube videos here and here that go over the features.

There are ports for a few Mutable Instruments devices that may be of interest.


I’ve been doing that for the last 3 hours :slightly_smiling_face:

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Gonna try to use this PD script from Yann Seznec in ORCA

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Hi there,

I’m doing something similar with pure data using the pi and the Blokas pisound sound card. Here are images of the panel/controller I’m building in the shape of a moth that will connect to other arduino sculptures containing sensors that will also send back data to impact the audio processing within the patch. Still building and prototyping but this video has been a great jumping off point for granular synthesis.


Awesome!!! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

I ve been testing more PDs… and that one is reallllly good >> Pure-data-patches/Granular21 at master · jaffasplaffa/Pure-data-patches · GitHub

Granular is such a great effect :exploding_head:

A quick question: I see you have holes for knobs. Which « granular » parameters did you decide to be midi controlled on your crazy machine?