"Rave Dream" for Elektron Model Samples

​Big City presents “Rave Dream” for Elektron Model Samples.

It’s time to sound wild with “Rave Dream” for Elektron Model Samples!

After 30 years, the revival of the 90’s warehouse rave scene is here​ and will stay​ for a long​ ​time.

For anyone who ​has ​lived ​in this amazing period​,​ this sample pack will spark more than sense of nostalgia​. It will​ ​simply bring you back ​to​ time​s​ ​of​​ the birthplace of underground rave.

If you are into 90s Chord, Hoover and Acid Bass, soulful pads and epic voices​ this pack is for you!

We took our inspiration from some legendary artists such as : The Prodigy, KLF, Underworld, Orbital​ and ​808 State​ and many other underground legends.

​​The result ? The incredible collection of classic rave sounds will bring the soul of The Hacienda in your Model Samples.


  • 500 Megabytes of pure nostalgia

  • 96 Preloaded Patterns (the​ first for an Elektron pack)

  • 50 clean to dirty drum kits ( including also classic 909,808,707 drum machines )

  • Huge library of fat oscillators in order to turn your Model Sample in a bass/lead synthesizer.

  • One-shot​​ sample​s​ sort​ed​ by type :

    1-90s Chord

    2-Hoover and Acid Bass


    4-Piano / Organ


    6-SFX & Other loop

File format : .Wav

While formatted for Model:Samples, the sound files of this Sound Pack is also compatible with Digitakt, Octatrack, Analog Rytm, and any other sampler that handles WAV files.
Genre : Techno, Hardcore, House, Dubstep & New Beat and post-industrial.

Download Pack


Dope, welcome but I wait for the Hip hop patch lol


Oh that is interesting, i could create a hip hop / trap pack too …depends of how many people are in :slight_smile:

Thanks for the idea


Just bought this…plenty of great sounds.
Nice job :smiley: .
Top one, nice one, get sorted.


Thank you very much as it is my first pack for the model sample i was curious about people reactions :slight_smile:

If you could let a feedback on the page : https://isotonikstudios.com/product/rave-dream-elektron-model-sample/

( you must be logged in with your customer account in order to leave a feedback )

Really appreciate all your input :slight_smile:

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Watch your bass bins


Those were the days. Less is more. Everything is so busy and glitchy now. Bring back those warehouse days.


That is why i love so much the Model Samples, it’s simple and efficient and you go back to old sample manipulation and tricks :slight_smile:

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Anyway this will be made for Octatrack ?

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I got a sample pack off a mate that Mark Archer compiled. Most/all of the bits and bobs he used with Altern8/Nexus21. Not sure if it was a general release or if he got it of him directly?


what’s the difference? just get it copied to your OT i guess

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The pack is compatible with octatrack as it is wav sample sort by folder. The only thing that you will miss is the patterns that are not compatible with the octa

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Ok sure, pack reviewed and rated.

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Just saw your review thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Would’ve love to have heard more sound demos without FX or filtering, clean as they come. Hard to gauge right now what’s the original sounds vs what the M:S is doing to it.

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Here is a little jam I did with 6 patterns I made with 27 samples from the sample pack (Digitakt, not M:S)

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I was thinking the same, making more raw demos pattern without FX so here it is :slight_smile:

Thanks for the share make me wanna buy the Digitakt too :slight_smile:

Thanks! The sounds seem really overdriven in yours, and in kryten’s they’re a little cleaner. Do the samples lean more on the overdriven or clean side?


I had the M:S for a month when it came out in Feb, it was my 1st Elektron machine. Then I sold and got the Digitakt. Main reason(s) was the screen and only 6 samples per pattern on the M:S at that time. I do love the M:S for the hands on tweaking and the class compliant audio so I could hook up to iPad with one cable. But the Digitakt has that extra bit of control and the screen is much more informative. Both great machines :smiley:

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