Raw banging techno track - A4 only


Been listening to a lot of plastikman at the minute and your track has that minimal tech vibe but harder. Sounds great and production is good too!

Are you using the mk 1 or 2?

This is really great how did you dial in that plucked sound at the start?

damn dude, that was great. Hard and driving. What was the signal chain? Any postprocessing? Keep it up!

Thanks, this is mk1.

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There are 2 tracks with plucky sounds one is some synth voice and noise oscilator and the other is main bass lead sound.
The main sound is low pass filtered at the beginning.

Thanks! Track 1 is kick bass, track 2 is hats, track 3 (or 4, don’t remember) is main bass / lead, track 4 is another drums.
The recording was straight to the recorder. Later on I did some minor eq post processing and that’s it.

I also recorded video, will post that to youtube soon. :slight_smile:

Edit: here is a preview video:

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