Raw RYTM only techno jams - New Machines

Hey guys!

Been having loads of fun on the RYTM since the update and I wanted to share these two live demo’s with you :slight_smile: I feel its the best music I’ve wrote in ages and its big thanks to Elektron for such an inspiring update!


me like them both :wink:

these are good great job !

that first one floored me, got me gassing for a rytm! digging the second one too. superb work, hope you’ll release these.

cool tracks ! can you tell which kick drum machine did you use in the first track ?? sounds really punchy but also rounded and smooth !!!

Cheers for the comments, really appreciate you checking em out :slight_smile: The kick is BD Hard and the bass line is BD Sharp, switching between waveforms and messing with trig locks and LFO’s, distortion, filter, res etc. Also delays play a big part in the sound of the bass too to make it roll more.

This sounds so good and in line with the style I’m trying to create that I’d love to see a video of it in order to spy on what you are doing here.

Definitely inspiring stuff :slight_smile:

Thanks Merino! Just trying to work out what video recording equipment to buy. Planning on doing some performance videos and tutorials.

I usually do not comment others work, but this one seems very good to my ears. I have been listening them almost the full day while I was working. I love the fact that they are done only using one machine. Well done! :slight_smile:

Thankyou! Really appreciate you taking the time to have a listen, and its made me smile to hear that you have been listening to em all day :slight_smile: . Made a nice chain of four new tracks now including these that blend and have nice big builds etc all linking. Im going to post a live video in a couple of weeks.

Too bad the tracks are gone, I´d like to listen to them after the good feedback here. Any chance to get a re-post soon?

I second that. Where can we find these tracks now @James_Orvis?

I think think this was one of them…
For some reason I can listen to it from Soundcloud iOS app but not from Firefox :frowning:


Hey guys, really sorry about taking em down! I may repost em, I’m not on pro account so had to make space for more official stuff. You can find the Colly Ear one in this live set, its actually a better version (45:12) - https://soundcloud.com/jamesorvis/james-orvis-live-solstice-weekender-festival-2016-north-yorkshire

All tracks in that set are live Rytm, Analog four and Moog Slim Phatty

14:50 is a good demo of the impulse engine. Its used for the main resonant melody.

Very funny, I use the exact same setup for my performances. :slight_smile: Thanks for the set.