Reacher....... Really, could they have cast this any worse?

there’s nothing unassuming about Alan Ritchson characterization of Reacher

Yeah, the 170 cm tall Tom Cruise.

Jack Reacher is known for being a physically imposing character, described in one book as “extremely tall, extremely broad, long-armed and long-legged” with “hands the size of dinner plates.”


they could have cast him as the hulk and done far better, can’t believe the people doing the casting don’t get how potentially cerebral the character is,


Actually the casting of Jack Ryan for the Amazon series was the worst ever. Seriously, the goofy looking guy from The Office? After Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford? Laughable.


I was just thinking about that, I couldn’t agree more but oddly he did better than I thought he would, I thought his horror flick would suck too for the same reason but ended up liking it a lot… I think he’s got enough talent to make something his own and get away with it… basically I liked jack Ryan because I forgot he was jack Ryan

Reacher on the other hand… not so much

I watched the series … it’s quite generic. I was amazed that it took till episode 4 before he and female cop ended up in the shower.

It covers all the stereotypes of war vet, corrupt cops, money laundering , farmers , bar fights , peach pie … it’s got it all.


He’s got talent, sure, but he’s a really bad fit as Jack Ryan. I did actually like the first few episodes of the show, but it quickly fell to the same trap as most american TV shows: boring, drawn out plots and cliffhangers in the hopes of a second season. I loved those old Jack Ryan movies from the 80s and 90s, such a shame American movie industry is in shambles due to streaming. I don’t want to have to watch 10 hours of a TV show for a plot that would warrant maybe 2.

I guess you could say they were really reaching with this one

I’ll show myself out :smiley:



I guess but you know American movies are exactly what everybody wants and doesn’t want, we just can’t win haha

exactly it’s generic but Alan still fudged it up

I quite liked it. I don’t think it’ll win any awards but it was entertaining enough to binge watch over the weekend. That being said, I’ve haven’t watched any of the other Reacher movies to compare.

I also think Alan Ritchson was hilarious in Blue Mountain State. If you watched that series, then like me, you would have had lower expectations for Reacher.

Edit: I also liked the new Jack Ryan. I thought it was an odd fit with the guy from the office. However, I think he did a great job. It was your typical war series but that’s what I came for.

i have read almost all Reacher books out there and i am quite disappointed in the main role cast. Reacher shouldnt look like a body builder. He is a big strong man, who experienced a lot of bad shit which made him hard as fuck, but he doesn’t lift 7 times a week, thats just plain stupid. The actor is also kinda shallow, the way he acts does not resemble Reacher from the books. They are trying to make him look smart and superior, but he acts like an emotionless shell, not caring and repeating the sentences they gave him.

On the other hand, i can still enjoy the series somewhat.

yeah, it’s better than his teen titans character but Reacher, nah

Perfect for a brain dead nights.
Horrible acting, childishly simple storyline, it don’t matter if you miss 90% of the action you’ll still be able to follow along :rofl:


I’m still waiting for Jack Ryan to look into the camera with the smirk face.

I also sometimes imagine Stanley as his superior instead of the black guy that they cast.

This is exactly how we watched it. Awful, right down to the villain confessing his evil plan to the hero (not a spoiler). Enjoyed it thoroughly.


Right, I knew what I was getting into and I wasn’t disappointed.

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It’s so bad it’s great :joy:

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Agreed, it was poorly cast and also poorly scripted imo. I think that Amazon Reacher’s physical appearance is just as inaccurate as cruise’s, given he looks as if maxes out a gym membership. At least Cruise could do the whole intelligent analysis thing convincingly.

Still watched the whole series tho (albeit with quite a lot of fast forwarding)