Realtime recording is starting too early

Hi guys,

I’m trying to record some midi notes from my Ableton to my OT. I can’t seem to make it work. It records but if I hit Rec + Play the OT starts playing right away. I’m trying to do what this guy did in this video:

I also made a video that shows the issue and my settings. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks!

My set up is nothing like yours but as no one else has answered I’ll give it a go.

I’d try: having the OT set to receive clock and transport. Not sending. Then see if the OT starts playing when you start ableton. If you can get them in sync that way then you can put a blank bar at the start in ableton and chain a blank pattern of the same length before your target pattern on the OT. While the blank pattern is playing hold record and play so that the OT goes from playing in sync to live recording in sync. when the target pattern starts on the OT it will be synced to the source pattern on ableton and will record without the delay. Hopefully!

Not with my OT right now so this might not be perfect advice but worth a try.

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