Rec Trigs in live set

Can I set up an Octatrack so that is largely serves as a backing track during a gig but at time automatically grabs sound from my guitar and loops and manipulates this sound in predetermined ways?
Would I need a footswitch for this, or could I just set the thing up so it does this at the same times in each composition.
If a footswitch is handy, which ones have instrumentalists here had the best luck with?
What are some keywords or concepts I would need to master to do this?

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I’d say any foot controller sending midi notes, or control changes with values you can define (CC59 can mimick notes, its values corresponding to notes).

You don’t need rec trigs to record, there are specific notes for that, and recordings can be quantized.

One the other hand, one shot rec trigs let you start different recordings of different sources on several tracks.
Rec trigs can be used for constant recording and realtime sequenced audio manipulation, which is powerful imho, regular loopers can’t do that. OT as a regular looper is limited though…

(Guitar with distortion only, processed by OT, no additional samples)


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you could use the arranger to acheive this also.

Ok. Im going to look uo arranger in manual. Thanks