Recommend Active Monitors

Me too. They are simply great for a room of that small size. The 5" Behringer/Neumanns are too large imho.

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Basically all I want them for is jamming about with my hardware hence they don’t have to be expensive. I use headphones for sound design and anything else. Something with nice bottom end would be good as I’ll be doing house & techno type jams.
Great suggestions so far here thanks all :slight_smile:

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…then give the behringers a try…they’re cheap as fuk like nothing else out there…
and in fact do a great job if ur in for loud and low end…
and as mentioned…they still do fine after more than a decade here…

and don’t be irritated…the neumanns price is single price each…while the behringers are pair price…
so these are ridiculously cheap…
and if u need it boomy…place them closer to the wall and more into the edges of the room…there u go, low end…

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I was skeptical but Genelecs work very well. 8030 or if you can stretch to 8330 those do automatic room correction. You have a square room so you’ll have issues.

I find them pretty flat, actually. They have front facing bass ports which work quite well if you need to place them near a wall too

Hey @LyingDalai, I’d be interested in knowing more about the Focal Alpha 50. Particularly, I can see they don’t have volume control knob which is surprising.

I plan to use them with either my computer / sound card or directly with a DT / DN / OT setup without any mixer.

How do you handle volume ? Do Elektron machines have enough volume power on their own ?

Overall, how do you feel about them ?
Any insights appreciated.

I have a mixer that acts as a soundcard and it’s plugged permanently to my HP inputs.

Way I see this, monitors need to be in a constant state so that they react consistently.

Focal alpha 50 are powered, so no problem to handle OT outs, I guess. There’s an attenuators switch iirc. But you should be ok with dealing with OT out level in Mixer mode.

Anyway, you’d better get yourself a mixer, IMO, even a simple one. I have had one for ages, for studio (and now even for live), wouldn’t know how to make without now ^^
It’s really a very helpful tool once you have 3 machines, especially if it acts as a sound card and make it possible to record 3 stereo audio streams in parallel.

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JBL305. They are really good for the price. The stereo field is awesome.