Recommend Active Monitors

Looking for some active monitors for jamming with my Elektron gear. Don’t have to be expensive just something that’d sound good in a room exactly 12ft x 12ft.

Any recommendations from this page?

Active Monitors



I’ve got the Focal Alpha 65 monitors and definitely recommend them.

What is the max budget?


Yeah they look great but I only got £300 unless I wait a little while for those Focals.

£300 ish will get you lots of great 5” monitors that will sound great but when using electronic instruments I personally want more bottom end that a 6” driver will deliver.
I’d wait a little longer for the Alpha 65 monitors. :+1:

Come with stands too.

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Yeah I think I’ll wait, I was just trying to grab the Digitone and a pair of monitors but if I wait a week I could probably do the focals and DT :slight_smile:

I have Focal Alpha 50s, they’re great – bottom end is good, detailed. Room size is probably the same as yours. I originally bought them for a smaller room but they still sound good in my now slightly bigger space.


I think the Focal Alpha range are fantastic for the money.

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i would like to not recommend KRK Rockit 5"

i’ve had one in the repair shop for about 3 months now as the guy has had to communicate over and over again with KRK (or their parent company) and has tried 2 different circuit boards.

there’s a production error in these where the main board touches something within the face of the speaker and it shorts the board.

i should have it back this week (just got the email) and i’ll ask him how he remedied it.

…anyway… i will steer clear of KRK going into the future and will look to replace them with the white-cone yamahas in 2020.

Ive real god things about the fluid fx8. They are pretty cheap. And with 8 inch woofers it should have some bass.

At this point, are the older (blue-face) Tannoy Active Reveals still usable? Obviously they work as speakers, but I’m wondering if, even with a 6.5" woofer, will they provide an accurate enough reference with electronic music?

In that price range I would look at JBL 305
They punch way higher than their price range

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…first…all sound has two basic components…the box/speaker…AND…the room they’re placed in…

…and second…a strict square shaped room is the worst square room sonicwise that exists…

and…puh…that’s quite some space to fill…12 on 12…hmmmm…dunno…

on a smaller budget…and for bigger envorments…i’d say this…

on a good budget…and my personal all time favourites…never have to think about near field again…this…

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The Behringers are definitely in my price range :slight_smile:

…i got both in use…and the behringers are way better then their repuitation…
got the behringers since more than a decade now…and end of the day, these are also copycats, behringers second name as always…these designs came originally from the bigger, old genelecs…
and they do what the do fine, whenever i need it just louder…

while the neumann are nothing but great under all circumstances and perfect tool for any sonic finetuning…and a refresh up/rebranding one on one from the famous broadcast speakers from klein&hummel…same old developer team…in daily use here since five years…

both pairs do a proper job here…still…

but with whatever u’ll end up with…place them away from the walls as much as possible…at least in an untreated, naked room…

and never forget…if u go cheap in first place, u’ll always end up more expensive…
if u get good solid quality right away, u automaticly skipped the first two tries u’d have on cheaper alternatives…
so go for really cheap or high end…nothing inbetween…

and if we’re talking speakers here…don’t start thinking about second hand…

You could go used

I recommend JBL 305.

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if its a small room and youre sitting in the very sweet spot, the ik multimedia iLoud mtm come in handy, because they deliver a (basic) room correction (and go down to 60 hz). but they are a bit above your budget (800 Euros a pair). for 300 pounds, you can afford a pair of KRK RP5 or Adam T5V.

Id recommend to save some extra money for a room correction processor like the dbx driverack PA2, because the room has much more impact on the sound than different brands of nearfield monitors. Or, if you wanna delete the room out of the equation, go for a pair of good Headphones (Sennheiser HD 600). cheers

I currently have these headphones. Been using the same brand since 2013 and they are great for me.


…nope…the tannoys are way more suitable for accoutic styles and can’t catch up with modern low ends at all…

the affordable focal s are sweetening up a lot…no big help if ur asking for kind of truu reference…they lie to u a bit…like headphones from beat dr dr dre…which is ok for consumer products…but not for serious tools…