Recommend me an stand

I need a nice, space-saving stand for Analog Four + Syntakt, maybe later upgrading Syntakt for a Analog RYTM. I did some research a while ago for a stand for two machines but have trouble getting to know what’s new in the market. What would you people recommend?


I use stands from

They take up less than the surface area of my Syntakt and allow tilting.

They might work for you.


Perhaps Syntakt up on something like this with Analog down below?

I use 2 Roadworx Synthesizer Stand – Thomann España with their extension Roadworx Synthesizer Stand Extension – Thomann España to get a 2 levels stand.

Its width is perfect for 2 “digis” but with your setup you’ll need a second level for Analog four.

This k&m omega stand is completely modular and can also be used without the legs as a table stand. Mine takes my digitone, analog four mki and analog heat on one layer, when I add the extra closed sheet.


@kryten42 recommended this system in the Your Setups thread, I’ll probably give it a go soon. Might have the flexibility you’re looking for.


Those are nice. I bought the Major something something. Holds 3 devices nicely. It’s also rock solid, no wobbling.

I think they’re having some supply issues currently due to the war in Ukraine though :confused:


I use a two-tiered general purpose “Utility M2” stand from KV Gear that is currently holding my Syntakt and JX-08 quite nicely.
In the past I had a Digitone and Model:Cycles on it, and sometimes swapped one out for a Liven XFM.

A4 might be too big for the exact one I have, but they’ve got a chart for sizing gear to find what fits.

Nice bits of rubber on the bottom and edges that hold synths. It telescopes to widen or narrow, plus disassembles easily too for moving things around or changing my setup. Really dig it.

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For a tabletop stand, I use the tower E @DonovanDwyer posted above (here It’s good for two square Elektrons on the top, and should fit two rectangular Elektrons below. I have an Analog Heat and Digitone on the top, my Lyra-8 in the middle, and Octatrack at the bottom. I also use another of their stands to have all my pedals on my desk, they’re really good, very solid.

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I bought a rack from zerack and really pleased with it. It took a couple of weeks but worth the wait.

It should be noted that elektron boxes are vesa mount compatible. Peep the 4 screw holes in the back.

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