Recommended playlists anyone?

No genre excluded, Spotify very welcome. I use Spotify most of the time when I’m driving in offline mode. So any cool lists I can or should add please share. It’s a shame that we have to use different apps eg soundcloud to have the music of the vast music scene “to go”. I wish there would be a “host app” like the ones for webradio stations. Or does it exist? @void @rusty you are the ones that are into these app stuff…

You could look at Clementine, for example, which lets you stream from Soundcloud, Spotify, your Dropbox, Google Drive and so on as well as indexing Icecast streams, etc etc.

Thanks DoS.

Yeah something like this but for iOS or Android with offline support would be cool

Clementine is available for Android and iOS too, but I can’t see how it can play Spotify playlists etc on either smartphoneOS, unfortunately.