Record and sequence external synth through a Midi keyboard


I’m thinking of buying a Digitakt, to use it as a Drum machine and as the brain of my setup. Before I bought it, I wanted to know if this current setup would have been possible: I want to be able to play external synth using my keyboard controller but also being able to (live) sequence them through the DT (when I press record), This is how I planned to connect everything:

[ Keystep ] ----> (midi in)[ Digitakt ](midi out)---->[ thru box ]====> [ Model D ], [ Micromonsta ]

Would it work like that? Does the DT can route the midi information from the controller directly to the external synths?

I checked on the forum but couldn’t find a proper answer.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, you can do that.


Yes, you can do that, send the MIDI from the controller on DT’s autochannel, then whatever MIDI track is selected on the DT will determine which synth it it gets routed too. One bummer though is that the DT won’t use mod wheel data, so you can’t use that.


Thanks you for your quick answer.
Sounds Great! Is it also possible to choose on which Synth I want to play by switching channel on the keystep?

Shame, for the mod wheel. Is it still possible to play it live or is it just completely ignored by the DT?


Mod wheel gets passed on via midi thru for live adjustment. The DT itself just can’t do anything with it.

Confusion abounds.

Mod wheel data, infact everything but note data gets choaked from midi out.

So with your setup it won’t work, i.e. pass mod wheel data to your synth.

Crap isn’t it!

I’ve yet to ‘experiment’ with a midi merge box but that should work merging the thru and out from the DT.

You can of course keep ‘local on’ on your synth on playback this will keep mod wheel, keyboard etc connected to synth sound engine. I yet to work out the ramifications of this however.



Hmm. so you mean something like that?


DT out to sequences
DT thru to play live (with mode wheel and pitch)


Yeah, I wasn’t being very clear there, sorry.

I hope they add a modulation pass-through option to the midi out port. The Monomachine does this FWIW, but then it also responds to mod wheel etc internally.

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The output of the merge would either be split with a midi splitter or go into one synths IN, then that synths THRU to other synths IN.

I think that’s it!


PITA, 'bout time they sortid it out, ELEKTRON!

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Old thread. Sorry. I’m in the same predicament as you were. How did this setup work for you?