Record audio from Digitakt INTO ipad

So I want to record the audio from my Digitakt aka make a song by playing my DT live/jam. I know this has been talked about a lot, but I just cant wrap my head around it. I have an ipad and use the CCK cable. I learned how to send midi to Audiobus3 so that I can sequence samples from Beatmaker3 using the DT. However, I want to record patterns Iv made with the samples in my Digitakt (iv spent time and $ putting samples into the DT) I dont want to use it as a controller necessarily. I am under the impression that I do not need an audio interface because the DT is class compliant? Maybe this is where Im wrong. If anyone could help, I am willing to buy whatever app or cables are necessary to make this work.

Ideally id like to jam or play my patterns live into the ipad and just record it, and possibly edit it? When I look up this topic all i come across is how to use the DT to control synth VSTs or something. In conclusion, I want to jam on the DT (using samples from the DT itself) mute/unmute tracks, mangle/warp sounds with delay etc etc, and just record it some how.

or into a macbook app? I just cant afford a standard DAW at the moment (and my old macbook cant handle any DAWs that can accept OB) Iv been using my DT for a while now and want to start recording my ideas.

Your impression is wrong. The DT is not USB audio class compliant. The only Elektron device which is USB audio class compliant is the Model:Samples.

BTW: Overbridge comes with a standalone application, too. Maybe you can use that on your Mac?


ahhh ok. thanks for your reply. I will try to download OB and try that. thanks man

Hey eherna59,

You CAN send your audio to an iPad and record it using an audio interface which is class compliant, like this:

My understanding and to clarify, is the Digitakt is class compliant for midi only, not audio. The Electron Model:Samples for examples is both audio and midi class compliant…so that can send audio & midi over the same usb cable to the iPad. Nice!

I’d love Overbridge to work on the iPad too, or at least for Elektron to make the Digitakt class compliant for audio too.


Are you Sure that the Digitakt is Not Audio class compliant over USB? Source?

EDIT: ok found it: Class Compliant Audio?

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thanks! im going to check that audio interface out. Yea it would definitely be cool if elektron made the audio class compliant.

Do you happen to know what apps can record the audio from the DT once using the audio interface?

I personally use AUM & AudioShare. I’m there are plenty of other ways with Audiobus/DAWS, probably even Apple’s voice recorder app might be able to do it. Take your pick.

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I really appreciate your feedback. This is been a bit of a road block for me to really getting back into using my hardware.

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Roads re-opened and green lights all the way…

wiht latest update is class compliant