Record automation from ableton to DN

I have a little problem:
I’m trying to record automation from ableton to the digitone through Overbridge.
The changes are launched and visible on the digitone screen, but in live mode, I can’t record automation on the box.
So it’s impossible, or does anyone have a tip?

You should be able to record automation if you are in live recording mode (rec+play)
One thing though, automation will be stepped, locked to your grid.
Increasing lenght and speed of your sequence will decrease the “grain” of stepping, but i really suggest just using an LFO for smooth automations. If your sound already takes up two LFOs, you can always use ones in the midi tracks via loopback.


Thanks for your answer,
Yes I was aware that it records in steps and that LFOs make smoother curves.
I’m actually testing with Stepic (max for live), where you can assign note values per step, but also assign changes to the synth per step (it’s a great tool if you have ableton live) through Overbridge.
Unfortunately as I mentioned above, I see the changes on the DN screen and I hear it, but when I record (rec+ play) it only records the notes.
I’ll try again, but I think I got it right yesterday.

i havent tried this myself, but check on which midi channel you send automation to.
i assume it needs to be on auto channel (10 by default) if it needs to access live recording mode.

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Thank you for your answer, unfortunately even using the auto-channel doesn’t work either.
By going through the midi CC’s I can modulate some parameters and record them, but not all, and some give me graphic bugs (which I can remove by reloading the sound).
I’m still testing and maybe I’ll make a complete list of the CC’s that work for me, which I’ll share with you, if someone would like to do the same thing as me.

I have retested and finally all the CC’s sent by midi USB give me graphic bugs (when you move a parameter by hand there is a big yellow square on the right part of the screen).
I’ll stop experimenting for now, I don’t want to ruin my DN. :sweat_smile:
Too bad though, it could have been a very good workflow…
Thanks again for your answers.

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aw thats a bummer.
please send a ticket to elektron support showing the errors!
if its mainly overbridge thats causing a fuss, then it can be fixed soon.

If I connect DN directly to a USB port and not to a hub, I manage to record the automations in midi mode, I did a test with 5 parameters, it works, I don’t have any graphical bug anymore… on the other hand it misses 1 note from time to time…
not a big deal
I think it’s more of a USB problem that can come from my configuration (mac M1 has only 2 USB A ports)… I guess there is no bug…

erratum : with the good sync setting on ableton i can record 8 parameters (the maximum for stepic) perfectly.

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I think the graphic bug you mention is actually because you send a cc value out of the range of this cc. Like some cc only have value between 0 and # and not always between 0 and 127.

Yes, that could be it.
I was able to correct error messages (instead of value) by adjusting the range correctly.
You have just confirmed this, thank you very much. :pray:
Very useful to know.