Record in samples or transfer usb

Hey there- send me the right away please if this has been discussed most likely?
I recorded my samples I’ve tweaked in octa to rebounce all back in to free up LFOs and have a cleaner slate for a track… I recorded them and mixed them my taste. Now I wanted them back in octatrack… I’m wondering since I don’t need to process them through any pedals in how I originally did… is the quality of the sample going to sound better being recorded in the octa inputs or transferred into octa USB disk storage…
Want the best way to get in… recording seems easier so I can tap it in. Although I wonder if better as a sample file…

Just curious, why didn’t you resample inside octatrack?

Anyway If you have them sounding how you want them, quickest way is to transfer files over USB. Thats what I would do.

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Hey thanks for response- I recorded them back through my UAD interface to tweak the sound of them a bit more to my taste to go back in octatrack. Is it possible the same fine tweaking would happen recording it back in or would it not be as high quality of the original source from my wave files transferring back in?

You wont loose any sound quality recording them back in at 24bit.

Thanks for tip!