Record midi notes A4 via overbridge

Hi Elektronauts,

Lately I’ve been sending midi notes to the MD and the OT and recording them to create patterns.
I have a syncgen and it works more or less perfectly. I create midi clips in Ableton and then when I’m satisfied I “print” it in a pattern. And then I go crazy with P-locks and everything.

I didn’t succeed in getting this to work with A4. At least not with via overbridge. Am I overlooking something or is it just not (yet) possible?


I got this to work, although not via OB.
An extra midi channel routed to the A4 and the delay set to the delay reported by the OB vst, but then to negative. So if the the latency is 47 ms, the delay on the track should be -47 ms. Then the notes are recorded on grid.

Probably this will cause troubles further down the road in the project you’re working on. At least if you add plugins with their own latency. But anyway it works.

Would still be great if this could be done via the OB plugin.

Hi Elektron,

Is there any news about this?
It would be great if this would be added as a possible routing.
I really like to use the push to enter notes into the analog4.

Does anybody else have thoughts about this?

Same here with analog rytm. I think is not implemented yet and don’t now why.