Record MIDI to a DAW from Digitakt+Digitone

Hi Guys !

My setup is Digitakt + Digitone + Sh-01a. and Sh is sequence by the digitakt.

I’m looking to find a way to record all the MIDI information from this 3 into Ableton. I’d like to be able to jam on my machines, reccording all the midi infos on Ableton, and then modify the tracks on Ableton and play it back on the machines. I’v tried with Overbridge but I haven’t find to get the MIDI infos.

Does someone have any tips for me ?


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Midi ‘from’ dropdown - select device - record arm- record.

Ye I can record the audio per track, but not the midi sequence.

On live my first Midi track is the Digitakt, if i want to have my Kick midi sequence record on it, wich is on channel 1. When i hit the trig manually, it works but not when a sequence is playing. That’s what I don’t get.

Don’t think it sends midi via the sequencer

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Yeah unfortunately the Digitakt won’t output MIDI from its audio tracks, only for the MIDI tracks.

Whate a shame I just spent more than 1000 GBP for digitone keys and I am note able to record audio and midi info to Logic X simultaneously???

Thanks for your replies guys

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FWIW - DT to/from DAW via USB Midi