Record Standby DT & DN for external MIDI

Hey guys,

maybe this has been asked before but I haven’t found it anywhere…

Is it possible to put the DT or DN in a kind of record standby mode for recording midi: so when I start the midi track in Ableton it also starts recording all incoming notes?

Sync you box to the master(I’m guessing Ableton)

Enter live record mode on the box(es) pause/stop from the master.

When you push play from the master, both boxes will automatically be in live record mode

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Thx man!

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It worked but the Midi sequence was recorded with a slightly different timing than the original. Is it even possible to record it in exactly the same timing and velocity?

The original midi sequence was me playing very loosely on the push but the Digitone Midi sequence is kind of static. This happens only after recording and then playing it from the Digitone but if I sequence the Digitone from Ableton it sounds exactly like the original. I hope you get what I’m trying to say.

For this kind of thing, I usually just press both buttons at the same time. It’s always close enough.

Are you in unquantized live rec mode?


That would do it.

(To enter quantized record mode hold down REC from when you entered live record mode and Press PLAY again. You can toggle between the two by continuing to press PLAY, if you’re indecisive)

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I tried both modes but neither one is copying the exact “flow” of the midi pattern.

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Hmm. Is it possible that two notes are ending up on the same step? The DT (and DN I presume) can record unquantized at quite fine resolution with microtiming which should capture the timing of the notes sent to it, but if two notes end up on the same step, it can’t handle that and you’ll lose a note.

Yeah I guess thats the problem…