Recording a track with its effects

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to figure out how to sample another track AND sample the effects on that track. Right now I am playing a synthesizer through T1 of the OT and recording it onto T8. I can record the output of the synthesizer just fine, but the effects that are on T1 are not recorded.

So it seems like the issue is that I’m recording the synth input, but what I want to record is the output of track 1

Probably missing something obvious, any tips welcome! Thanks!


Easy, set your track recorder (in your case on T8) to record from T1 ( your synth with FX)

Done. :slight_smile:

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I Microtribe,

Thanks for chiming in. I think i’m already doing that, but not sure. I set the source in record setup to be T1, but its only recording the input and not the output, when i play back the sample its the original synth sound without the effects from the OT.

Is there another thing to select?

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I am doing the same for a project right now. D-50 playing into T7 as a through machine. It records the synth with the applied effects flawlessly for me.

When you edit the recording menu (ab & cd inputs disabled, src3 to T1 in your case), are you sure you are editing the settings for buffer 8?
If you record with a trigger, the recording should sample the channel(s) selected in the recording menu, but if you sample manually you need to push the correct buttons.
If you disabled INAB in the recording menu, but sample pushing the [TRACK] & [REC1] buttons, you will record nothing. To sample manually from internal, you need to push the [TRACK] & [REC3] buttons.
I guess this is redundant, but make sure to press the correct track button (T8 in your case).

How did you setup your track 1?

Check the recorder trig. Is there a P lock there?

Check track recorder set up. Turn inputs off, SRC to T1.

Also, have you tried recording MAIN? Mute any thing you dont want to sample.

Sounds like you are using a Thru track when you should just use a recording buffer.

Thanks for the tips y’all! I fixed it and recording T1. The thingi s now, the recording is really quiet. Any ideas why it recorded so low? the sound coming out of my speakers is plenty loud.

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