Recording Control All into Overbridge?

Tried recording a few takes of a track with heavy usage of ctrl-all. All of the automation, including mutes and run of the mill CC, as well as audio recorded just fine. The CCs sent when performing ctrl all did not work at all.

I know that ctrl all can’t be received on DT via MIDI, but shouldn’t it just send the same CCs in series? I can’t find anything about this elsewhere, thanks.

Accidentally posted this in the OT forum a little ways back.

Checking the appropriate place this time to see if anyone here has experience with this.

Adding to this that the parameters will ‘jump’ to where it is set when control-all is released. It kind of works, but requires switching between holding control all, changing parameters, releasing, repeating again.

The problem with this would be the amount of CC sent at the same time, I guess.
It is possible it requires more bandwidth than what the traditional MIDI offers.