Recording Digitones Midi-tracks via Overbridge 2 into Ableton

Hello, I have a problem and I don’t know any further with that. Actually I couldn’t find anything to this in the internet. Since a view days I’m recording my Digitone with Overbridge in Ableton live and everything works totally well!
Just when I switch to the 4 Midi Tracks and want to record the emu orbit I hooked up with it, i can’t record external audio routed through the DNs audio in. I think that is not provided in Overbridge 2 atm.
But still if I just want to use Digitones sequencer and record the the emu orbit’s audio seperatly I can hear the emus sound as expected through the audiotrack in Ableton but also a default sound of audio track 1 in Overbridge even if it’s muted .
So my question is: Why are the Audio- and Midi-tracks not split and am I able to only use the midi-tracks as sequencer without getting Audiosignal in Overbridge?
Hope you have any tips for a solution with that problem!
Thank you and best wishes !