Recording Elektron gear performances with a DAW

I would like to hear how other people cope with using Elektron gear with DAWs.

I have an initial song structure in A4 and Rytm and I would like to do the following in DAW:
[li]Record or do pattern changes by hand to form a basic arrangement[/li]
[li]On top of an arrangement I would like to improvise stuff, make channel mutes/unmutes, performance knob tweaking, Rytm scene changes etc[/li]
[li]I would like to have everything in midi so that I can fix stupid stuff later[/li]

I have Ableton Live and I don’t like at all how most automations are recorded inside of an arrangement clip, it’s not easy to find corresponding stuff later. Lately I have tried Bitwig (check the Bitwig thread), whose arrangement automation presentation I like very much, but I have run into some problems with it. What DAWs you are using with Elektron gear?

Or do I just have to wait for Overbridge to make config easier? :slight_smile:

How do people record their performances/songs/arrangements? Any tips?

Do you use A4/Rytm chain/song modes? Somehow I find it pretty counter-productive to try to make a full arrangement with it.

why not just record straight out of your mixer to reel to reel tape or at 96khz stereo master with good convertors
Any DAW is going to suck the life out of your tune --its never as good

Yeah, that’s why no one records to any DAW, ever…

Record as many tracks as possible (unfortunately only two with the A4), and edit the audio to your liking in the DAW, then mix.

Recording MIDI is not possible with A4 or AR.

On one of Cuckoo’s tutorial videos, doesn’t he record MIDI into Logic Pro and then play it back on the Rytm?

Studio One - elegantly simple and intuitive with deepness that doesn’t get it the way. Actually, I’m so impressed that I even bought it.

Bitwig is very interesting in terms of FX routing and MIDI, but immature so far - lack of any organization (track/projects templates) makes workflow a chore. Ableton is PDC nightmare.

Logic will give you most bang for your buck but the workflow is a drag. Totally illogical before you wrap your head around it

+1 presonus studio 1

Easy to use with MD @ a4 audio/midi wise, and sounds great !

I’m not sure you can record all your button presses etc and recreate a performance via midi - I could be wrong though.

Having said that, practice more, hit the record button the second time around instead of the first, or redo parts and edit them in.

There are more than one way to solve this problem.