Recording guitars

I’ve combed through every topic on this forum but I’m still a bit unsure.

From my understanding, one would need something like an active DI box in between a guitar signal and the digitakt input…is it better to just have a mic?

I play both bass and guitar and I’m just not sure how easy plugging either into the digitakt will be and what the options for this are (I’ve seen folks mention iPad setups? Is that possible?)
I have some synths that I know will be happy going direct in.

I know @Eaves has some great jams with bass just not sure what the connection setup is?

Excited to pull the trigger on this digitakt though! Just wanted everyone’s insight first.


External input from synth (Lyra in this case) works for me to go into the OT, guess DT would be similar.

SansAmp or similar pedal is also fine. I go sometimes straight from an Analog Drive or El Capistan, this also works fine. A zoom recorder also works great, I use an H5. Can sample piano + another 2 inputs for guitar and bass.

Many folks go into an interface first (for Ipad or Iphone, DAW or just as a standalone mixer).

Options galore, just straight in will not work well I guess.

A small analog mixer is also cheap and easy.

I think it has to do with impedance… (black magic that I still don’t fully grasp! lol)

Using a DI would let you record the clean signal but if you want to do any processing/amp modeling you’ll definitely need some other pedals or an amp and mic… However the DT doesn’t have a mic input either so you’ll need something there.

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I have experience of doing this. I use a Mooer Blacktruck, which is basically an amp simulator and effects pedal in one. Darn cheap too. I record ‘loops’ into the DT by setting a recording threshold to start when I play on the beat, save it, assign it to a pad, set a trigger on step 1 and increase the amp to infinite. Then I mangle everything with the LFO on sample loop or end points etc etc. Or I just leave monitoring on and play over the top of stuff. Enjoy!


If you’re on a budget, have a look at Mooer’s Preamp pedal line. They’re dirt-cheap and sound good, I got this one recently for plugging my guitar straight into the mixer and I’m pretty happy with it so far.


Just wondering; why exactly do you want to plug your bass and guitar into the Digitakt? What do you hope to accomplish by doing so?

or if on a quarter of that budget this, bass version too, these are clones of the sans amp or go via cheap multifx for the purpose of colouring/effecting and setting a more useful level


I’m imagining the goal would be sampling said instruments.

And I guess the needs depend on what type ouput the guitar has. Electric guitar seldom has line level output, while a semi-acoustic or acoustic with mic might have.

This looks to be a great DI option; just announced:


If you are on a budget I always advice (myself) to wait and save up and then buy what you really want. (Avoiding buying twice, remorse and consumer stress) :totes:


@ everyone else with the ampsim-esque suggestions, these are exactly the missing pieces I needed to see – will give them all a good look, cheers.

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This is all INCREDIBLY helpful y’all. Thank you.

@t I think you’re right to pose this question-- they’re my current palette and I’m not sure how Central the addition of the digitakt can be, so I’m trying to scout what getting things to talk to each other looks like.

But yeah, technically the goal is to sample thru some pedal chains I think.

Exactly. I sample my guitar all the time.

I use a little mixing desk to hook everything up. The important part, though, is something that will accept the guitar input, and translate it into a line-level signal. If you plug straight into the Digitakt it’ll sound thin, and weak.

A DI box is one option. Another is the excellent Eventide Mixing Link, which can connect anything to anything else, including sending mics through guitar FX. Not cheap, but amazing.

If you opt for a mixer, look for something with a “hi-z” input.


I recorded my passive guitar straight in OT. Guitar only.

Of course some amp / cab sim is better, or amp + mic + mixer…

Very cheap Sansamp like : American Truetone


Sounds great!

But the Lapstick appears to have a battery-powered pre-amp in there, which means it’s not like a regular passive electric. That’s one way around the problem.


Keep in mind that the DT makes the most sense as a one-shot sampler. Even though your bass and guitars are fine sources for raw samples, you probably shouldn’t expect to record loops into it in a convenient manner.

If you don’t have a mixer yet, I would recommend a tiny mixer with a high-z input. Something like a Mackie 402VLZ4, for example.

This will not only allow you to hook up your bass and guitar, but also makes it easy to sample from a microphone, and allow you to play along with your DT, all while keeping everything hooked up.


Agreed. It’s not convenient at all but workable for the odd loop here and there. See my post above. But as I want to do more of it in future, I’m shelling out for an OT next week. Cannot wait! :blush:


It does. But I used it with the passive output, hence no preamp at all. :wink:
(No battery anyway)

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Just a warning about using a DI: Active DIs need phantom power (48V), which the DT does not provide, so you will need one with battery option. Passive DIs actually lower the guitar level to mic level and really need a mic preamp to follow which th DT doesn’t have either.

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3 likes for something wrong. Thanks, trusty friends ! :stuck_out_tongue:

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