Recording midi in logic with DT keys

Hi sorry for my English…
I’m using DT keys with logic. I creat an instrument track with Overbridge and can hear and see the signal when playing on the keyboard. But not able to create a midi track (I’d like a midi track I could deal with before exporting to audio…)

How can I do this?
I searched a lot on internet but did not find the solution. My firmwares are up to date
Thanks for your help

Did you find a solution to this? I am having the same issue. I am sure it’s something simple…

Why not do a Live Recording to the DT sequencer? You can do it quantized or not depending on the situation.

Well actually, what I want to be able to do is to use the DN keys for all my external + software synths, ie. as a master controller in Logic. I can already of course use it as a midi controller for external synths via midi, but I’d like to be able to save and edit my midi in the Logic environment. Any ideas? Normally anything you plug into your computer via USB comes up in Logic without having to do anything.

Sorry, I just have the Digitone (not Digitone Keys), so I guess I’m not qualified to advise you in this situation. My only keyboard synth is the Access Virus and I found out that MIDI signals coming from the Digitone and Digitakt are not being received by Logic. This may be due to the signal being channeled in Logic’s Environment, bypassing Logic’s reception of the signal. Perhaps the solution is to use a basic MIDI keyboard (instead of the Digitone Keys) to input the notes.

Actually, I just figured it out. It’s in the MIDI Config menu. Here from the manual:

KEYBOARD DEST controls whether the [KEYBOARD] sends MIDI data or not. When set to INT,
the [KEYBOARD] only affect the Digitone Keys and sends no MIDI data. When set to INT + EXT, the [KEYBOARD] affect the Digitone Keys, and also send MIDI data to external devices. When set to EXT, the [KEYBOARD] send MIDI data to external devices but do not affect the Digitone Keys.


I think we are trying to achieve the same thing but I’m having no luck. I’m trying to control my Kontakt librarys in Logic using the Digitone Keys but I don’t get any response from Logic when I press the keys on my DTK… Any tips?