Recording my Digitone Effects Bus onto Ableton


So when I’m recording my Digitone onto Ableton using Overbridge I can either record each of my 4 tracks individually without effects applied or I can take them all mixed together with the effects applied.

I tend to record each track individually from the master so that I can get takes with their effects applied to just themselves.

I’m wondering if there is a way the Digitone can be routed so one of the tracks I can record is just the effects without the original sound being fed into them - basically like if i was to record just what was happening on a send channel and not the dry signal mixed with the wet.

sorry if im not explaining this clearly

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Probably, maybe you know and thats not your wish here but if not:
you can use the master to record just the effects ( tracks have to be disabled from master on the real machine)

Video 14 explains it


hey this actually helps me a lot thank you

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