Recording plocks from external controller

Is there a good reason why this is not implemented or possible ? ie - you can’t record parameter movements if they are being moved by external control (in my case cc midi data from Lemur via USB) - !?!

This would be REALLY great because I would LOVE to be able to record the dynamics of playing my QuNexus as in poly after touch, modulation via finger roll on keys, velocity/release.
The mini keyboard IS great that it’s even on there BUT if one is a keyboard player and wants to expressively place/record-in dynamics, which are simple midi cc’s, it would THEN be cool to ‘fine tune’ tem after the fact rather than having as it is now, to go in and manually place them because as a keyboard player, it’s a bit of killjoy this way.

I couldn’t agree more with ya @namnibor, in fact i’m sure i yearned for the same ability to record playing expression - however, 1) that’s not what my point above was about and 2) I’ve now accepted that the point we both made will never be the case - the realtime recording mode in the sequencer is only ever recording sixteen snapshots per bar, there is no scope for continuous recoding like in a daw (or flux mode in a monotribe, higher resolution but not continuous) - this is the way the sequencer is, we need to live with that, it does not record continuously - Elektron give us a concession in that we can use Parameter slides and Note slides even, but it will never be doing what we wish for (i suspect) - having said that, i think it would be good if it could at least record some of those controller inputs - but crucially, none of these are currently parameters, so you won’t be recording them until they are deemed parameters (or they do something radical), like those found in Note page e.g velocity length etc etc - I’ve made peace with this limitation due to the joy that the plock bonanza brings

on my point above - it is different, in that i am specifically addressing parameters that are recorded and plockable, any parameter can be controlled externally, BUT, when you control let’s say noise level via an external cc or nrpn controller it will not be recorded in during realtime mode - whereas turning the noise level encoder is recorded as trig or trigless plocks - it strikes me that this is a simple thing to rectify unless i am not grasping something

controlling the A4 with an external device is an enhancement, it’s not to say the A4 is limited, it’s just that you can do soooooo much more bespoke crafty stuff offline, esp with Lemur e.g. - so facilitating this omission would be a real bonus and not too taxing

now i also have gearlust for one of those qunexus thingmys, great :wink:

a strange omission this!

really wondering if it is by design or because they haven’t gotten around to do it.
If it is by design, what is the thought behind it?

“let’s make users find ways to work around this” ?

Can the same be said about omitted p-locks for arp settings? lack of per-track clock dividers?
I gather these things could be more or less copipasted from OT OS source code… so strange!

will we ever find answers to these questions? :slight_smile:

i think some omissions can be justifiably by design, especially if they are tricky to incorporate without spoiling the interface or are tricky to incorporate behind a restricted interface - it doesn’t strike me that Elektron are trying to be like Apple in pushing a mouse with only one button (that used to be the way) but i can see that they wouldn’t want to give us something that was so deep or convoluted it was putting off most users / sales - however, the ‘recording of external control of parameters’ aspect i am banging on about is entirely transparent - we are just duplicating something that’s already possible, but facilitating it within a potentially more powerful environment in exactly the same way that recording via external keyboard is easier and better (velocity, range, room etc)

i’ve accepted most of the limitations of the sequencer in comparison to what can be achieved by the sound engine (ie no legato recording, no arpeggiator held notes recording (by conventional means) no pitchbend, aftertouch, MW, breath control recording

i don’t even know if this aspect is already implemented in other Elektron products (re realtime recording of parameters by external control) ! anyone ?

You can control from an external controller, though Plocks can not be applied by this way. The units interface needs to be used for editing the Plocks :slight_smile:

You can control the MD from an external controller, though Plocks can not be applied by this way. The units interface needs to be used for editing the Plocks :)[/quote]
Jimmy at E-HQ suggested this might well be getting sorted, his view was that AF really should be able to record the parameter changes whether by encoder or external control :wink:

You can control from an external controller, though Plocks can not be applied by this way. The units interface needs to be used for editing the Plocks :)[/quote]
so the reason is… for the sake of it? hmmm… :zonked: