Recording process + Cables? DT x Neutron

So what cables do I need to go from my digitakt into my JBL LSR305? I’ve used an audio interface before with balanced cables but I just wanted to be sure for this new situation. Also can audio through USB record my Synth Input as well or do I need to resample onto a DT track?

I am looking to jam with DT and Neutron Behringer Synth but I have no audio interface currently, and was looking to better know what accessories I’m going to have to order with the DT besides the standard 5pin midi.


Hello, to connect you DT directly on your speakers you should use a pair of balanced jack to XLR (or jack to jack). DT main output are balanced.

When you record audio thru USB you can record both main output + input L+R (in true stereo, unlike sampling into the DT is summing)

So yeah, you don’t need any audio interface.


And use a unbalanced cable from Neutron to DT because the DT inputs are unbalanced.


ok thanks, and since the synth only has one output am I okay with one guitar patch cable going into the Left or Right of the DT? or do I need a single cable that splits into 2 because of how the summing works? Just now too sure how I specify in the device to only use one of the sources not both.

Thanks again.

You can use just one single instrument cable going into Left channel (usually Left is for mono). For sampling your synth, into the DT, you have to choose EXT L into sampling menu.
To record DT + Synth if you use the Digitakt application you just have to select Main + Inputs as record. It will create 2 WAV files, one with your DT main output in stereo, and one with your synth in Mono centred. You can then use a free software like Audacity to mix the both file togheter and export it as flac or mp3.