Recording RAM pitch automation linked to other tracks

I recently got a MDUW+ and I love it! As I’ve been exploring its capabilities, there is one particular feature that has been baffling, that is recording automation of a RAM player track.


  • Plug in cassette player into Input A
  • Setup 16 as RAM recorder
  • Setup 15 as RAM player
  • I record a segment of audio to the MDUW+ and sequence it to 16 bars
  • I’m satisfied by with the sample and the sequence, next I want to automate the “Pitch” of another track

Whenever I setup a RAM track, the “Pitch” parameter of the RAM track is also linked to the “Pitch” parameter on other tracks (ie. Kick, Hi-Hat, etc). This happens with any track outside of the RAM player track. So, for example, if I wanted to alter the pitch of a hi-hat and record the automation (Holding down Function) it also is controlling the “Pitch” of the RAM track simultaneously. I find this really strange and can’t find anything particular note of this in the manual or I could have overlooked it since it’s rather dense. I did a factory reset since I purchased the unit used and this was still happens. Is this normal? Is this something that was addressed with a software update? Or am I missing something entirely?

Thanks for the help!

Function + parameter changes the parameter value on all 16 tracks simultaneously.

You don’t hold down function to record automation, you just need to be in record mode.


Had a feeling this was a total n00b move. Thanks for the correction friend!