Recording/replaying sysex from external devices

I like to use my Digitone to sequence one of my analog synths over MIDI. However, I can’t figure out if there’s a way to do a particular operation I like to use.

When using my DAW, a nice thing I can do is find a sound I like on my Korg, record a sysex dump into the beginning of the track on the DAW, and then when I play the song from the beginning, my DAW spits the sysex dump back at the Korg, restoring the sound I used.

Is there any way to do this on Elektron devices? Obviously I can control some CC params from my Digitone, but I prefer to adjust (way more than 8) params on my Korg and then save that as a “starting point”.

I could imagine this working as a special kind of trig. Hold down the trig key, record the sysex dump, and now when that trig is activated it would replay the sysex. Practically speaking, this particular workflow may not work due to the way I assume elektron stores track data, but something along those lines would be very cool.

I have this working using my MIDI router, but I would prefer if I could do this without involving my computer at all. That’s one of the main reasons I like Elektron gear - the computer is (usually) optional!

There’s no way to do this. I definitely don’t see it happening either. You could create a lookup table in a midi processor or make one on a Pi or similar and map another parameter to do this triggering perhaps


What is your Korg ?
Not possible to save and load your sound with a Program Change ?


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Korg is a Minilogue xd. I can indeed save programs internally and select them via bank, and that’s one work-around I’ve been using, but the workflow there is not good. E.g. korg doesn’t give you a way to check if the slot you’re saving to already has something there. It’s too easy to accidentally overwrite something you’re using elsewhere.

With a sysex dump, the data lives in a better place (alongside the song, in the device I’m using to drive the minilogue).

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