Recording synth jams with an iPad/Iphone

Hi all,

I recently videorecorded one of my synth jams for the first time. As I had no stuff available, I used my macbook camera and recorded the audio seperately over USB into Ableton.

Obviously, this was not ideal. Camera quality is poor and it also involves syncing the audio and video later in Imovie, which I also never used before.

Now I am wondering how I can best use the stuff I already have to improve on this process.

Ideally, I would use my iPhone (lightening) or iPad (usb c) as a temporary solution.

I would then need a videorecording app that allows me to record video captured with the iPad camera with the Audio from the incoming hardware devices.

E.g. I would mount my iPad on an improvised tripod, connect my digitone to the USB c port from my iPad (I have an adapter) and press record to capture my video and digitone audio simultaneously. Is this possible?

Does anyone have a similar approach that prevents them from having to sync in post? Any app recommendations? For IOS, IPadOS or MacOS?

Would love to hear your recommendations…

i usallay record all my audio through Ios and store the files there and record the video with my DSLR, but that is just to get that sweet DOF that only a nice DSLR lens can give you.

In your case you can just use the normal camera app and the video will be recorded with the Digitone audio… its just plug and play.

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Really? Wow, I somehow assumed that I would need to be able to instruct the iPad on what audio to use, but I’m going to test tonight. Thanks!

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Videos or it didnt happen :wink:

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You can purchase an app called NDI HX Camera and use your iPad/iPhone as a streaming web cam. You then use OBS in Windows or on a Mac which can use the NDI source as a video source. Run your synth audio into your computer, usually through an audio interface, and add it as an audio source in OBS.

You can setup the A/V sync right in OBS as well. We’ve used my iPhone 11 Pro to stream several DJ sets through OBS out to Twitch. Looks really good :slight_smile:

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If it works, I’ll definitely bother all of you with my gabber inspired Digitone experiment :wink:

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FM Gabber, that sounds interesting!

You might have found me another alias there…

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Will def look at this! Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

I use my iPhone with the camera USB cable [1] directly connected to the Digitone/Digitakt and I use it to record audio and video live using the default camera app in video mode.
The DT/DN are an audio unit so the iphone detect it as an audio source.

It’s a very simple setup, probably not best, but it works and it cost you nothing (apart the super expensive apple cable :-P)

[1] Lightning to USB Camera Adapter - Apple

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Pretty quick and easy solution for semi-direct results without hassle is to stick your ear-pods lav mic in a headphone cup while recording.

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Thank you all for the recommendations! I tried the solution suggested by @MichaalHell and this simply just works. I guess I was overcomplicating things in my head.

Now, as promised, the jam is below. Audio quality is fine, I guess the musicality is highly debatable :wink: