Recording to Digitakt via overbridge [from online source]

Hi All,

I’m trying to record samples from online (let’s say youtube) via over bridge.
This guy said he managed it:

I’m running Ableton 9, and I have the over bridge 2 beta setup in there. I have a standalone midi track, and a couple of audio tracks that respond to Digitakt outputs (track 1, track 2 etc.). I’ve setup a separate audio track, and have the ‘audio from’ Digitakt, and the then clicked [input L/ input R). I have the Digitakt setup in my Ableton preferences as a soundcard (audio in: Digitakt, audio out: Digitakt).

I cannot seem to record audio on the Digitakt. I have Digitakt setup as 'SRC: USB L+R).

Nothing registering. Any thoughts please!?

I simply record audio from my computer to DT by setting the DT sampling to UB L+R and setting audio interface in windows to Elektron Digitakt.
Make sure you set you windows (or mac I don’t know how it work) to the Digitakt by clicking on the little speaker bottom right near the date and hours.