Records note off in live recording mode


I’ve looked and find this difficult to properly suss out (it is not clear from the manual) . Hope one of you Digitakt humans out there can help!

Using the trig keys in live recording mode, will the Digitakt sequencer record note off? So, how long you hold a trig down? In other words, note length?

I know the OT does not do this (but if you use an external keyboard it will), and I know that the Syntakt does do this.

How how about the DT?

Many thanks.

Note length is being recorded. Not sure about midi note-off messages. There is no way to check it for the audio tracks as far as I know. For the midi tracks you could run a midi monitor app on a computer to see exactly what it’s sending out. I only know pressing stop twice sends out a note-off message on all channels.

Hey, thanks!

So – it is recorded on the audio tracks?
That’s great.

But then I don’t understand entierly what you mean by

Thanks again!

Yes, note length is recorded both on audio and midi tracks. Note-off messages I have no idea if they’re recorded or not. That needs to be tested with a midi monitor app.

Aha! Yes, now I see.

Thank you so much! :pray:

They are recorded, you can call it that, they’re recognized and as such determine the note length stored in the p-lock.

In consequence, the note (or trig) will be turned into a note-on and a later note-off event upon playback, which is just how MIDI notes work.

We can only guess about DT’s code, but note length is certainly stored along with the trig and when played back the note-off will be scheduled.

So, technically the note-off event would not be stored by itself, and therefor, maybe not recorded? :wink:

If sequencers take note-off velocity into account, the strategy might be very different though, and not even going into rabbit holes like, MPE, cough…


It’s my only real gripe with the OT. After loading a sample it happens quickly for me that I start making something just by the pulse or rythm with which I trigger and hold and let go of the trig keys. Not being able to record that, feels ridiculous. It’s something the instrument is telling you intuitively that you’ll be able to do, and then you’re not.

So it’s encouraging to hear the Digitakt can do it. Makes me think I should get one.