Recreating Pedal Delays

I was lusting after the Strymon Deco when it occurred to me that I could possibly recreate it’s functions on the Octatrack using track recorders and some clever playback tricks.

I was reminded of one of my favorite posts on this forum. Instructions for emulating a tape delay effect by RikRak.

It’s something I’m going to use as a starting point in trying to recreate the Deco’s saturation and double-tracking features.

It’s got me wondering if anybody else has tried to recreate a delay they enjoy using the recorders.

Maybe I could even use some of my other random gear with the cue outs to really take it to a new level. With a moogerfooger drive and my Sampletrak’s lo-fi DAC sound, maybe I could even start working on an Oto Machine BIM simulation…

Please fill me in on an track recorder delay tricks you’ve tried and I’ll do my best to report back with my recreation attempts. You could even give me some tips for that task if they come to mind.


Wow - Thanks for the 2014 bump - lots of great tips in there. Well worth reading the whole thread.

With regards to Tape Delay emulation…

It helps to imagine the trigs as record and play heads on a tape machine and the Pattern as a loop of tape. You can get some incredible effects by adjusting the playback trig’s pitch or microtiming position as the pattern runs.

I’ll revisit this when I get some time at the w/e and see if I can expand on it, now I have a couple of years more experience. :diddly:

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That was quick! Cheers man.

Yeah, it’s a great thread to swim around in from time to time, much like the Muffwiggler OT tricks thread.

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I had the idea of creating a shimmer type reverb by having one track record another while transposing it up an octave and using dark reverb on both. I haven’t gotten around to trying it though.