Refresh my memory

So since I got the digitakt I put the octatrack on the back burner for a long time. Then I finally made the upgrade to a MKII. However, it’s been so long now since I last used the OT I can’t tell if things have changed or I’m just misbrememing things.

I could have sworn you could hold more than one step and apply a parameter lock to all the steps held. In the MKII this just applies the parameter lock to the last held step. Was this always the case?

I also get the impression the audio in is quieter but that’s probably just the head room and my sound card (which is recently being a bit odd in that regard).

Not ever on OT

Inputs are now higher voltage capable, so this may explain


You can’t plock several trigs, since the beginning.
Quieter with playback, recording ?


Haha totally my memory then! Thanks peeps. It’s mad how just a short time away you can forget so much.

I guess I was doing it on the digitakt and my brain assumed I had always done it on the OT

Having fun being back though.


OT is a bit more complicated than riding a bike.
You need to practice regularly to have big brain muscles. :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m still a little thrown by the interface change too. Muscle memory is still there but buttons have moved so trying to relearn.

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When designing custom lfos multiple trigs can be held and changed simultaneously.

Would love to see this for p-locking.

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