Regarding restarting the box and saving

Hi everyone,

I apologize for such a basic question, but I can’t figure out from reading the manual why such a thing would happen: I’ve confirmed that when working on a project, even if you do change track sample slots in the SRC page, after restarting the machine without a manual save, it will remember those changes. Basically the machine will restart in it’s previous state. This is also what I keep reading, it will reboot into it’s current working state.
But today I had a nice pattern going where after I turned it off and on again, all the sample slots were returned to the saved project. In other words my song was lost because only the trigs and locks were remembered, not the sample/sound changes that I had done.

I will hit save in the future but can anyone please explain why this happened? Thanks

A new sample(or sound that uses a sample not currently loaded to ram) brought into a project needs a whole project save to lock that sample to a ram slot, a pattern save will save the sequence and slot locations for the tracks but not what is in the ram slots.
I would have thought that things would remain until the project is reloaded though, which is strange. Are you using the locked preset project?.

Thanks! Ok food for thought. No I was using my own init project

Is it possible you have maxed out the 64mb project limit?, it might be possible to add more than can be saved and it is dumping the excess when tuned off.

No it uses all slots but only 40% ram. Thanks, I dont understand what happened but will just always save in the future :stuck_out_tongue:

How did you turn it off? I hear autosaves can be missed if you power off any other way than the switch on the back of the unit. Some people run their gear via a power strip and turn that off to turn everything off, which can cause issues.

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I’ve lost work (on a Syntakt, not a Digitakt) by unplugging rather than powering off with the switch. Just one occasion was enough to train me to (aim to) always use the switch.

If all 127 slots were occupied you would still be able to access and use Sounds made from samples that might not be loaded but they cant be saved. The only way to exceed the 127 sample limit is to build a Sound pool from Sounds, that way you can use more as Sound locks, if the project ram memory allows.

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Thanks this must be what happened, because I’ve been totally unable to replicate the scenario. Mostly whatever you do, the session is saved as it was

Ah right!