Relationship between tracks 8 and 1 when using 'nei' conditional lock

Playing with the ‘nei’ locks on my DT. Works fine with all tracks except tracks 8-1. I assumed that the previous track to track 1 would be 8 but it doesn’t seem to work. Can anyone clarify?

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There’s not meant to be a connection, so what you observe is normal behaviour (same with all other boxes)


Thanks for confirming. So track one misses out on the nei lock. Oh well 7 tracks is enough to melt my brain anyway :slight_smile:


Yeah I thought that was a bummer too until someone on here correctly pointed out the obvious and it clicked for me: you need a way to prevent all tracks from condition-neighboring each other and creating a recursive loop/black hole.

Track 8 Neighbors to the first MIDI track. At least that’s the way it works on the DN.


It sure does! Tested on the DT. Thanks, had no idea!

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