Reloading Pattern from Ableton Live

Hey guys,

I don’t know if anyone has already requested this or if this option already exists in other Elektron machines but I was wondering if it could be added a midi value for reloading a pattern from another device instead of, in this case the digitakt, having to press “FUNC+NO”

The reason has to do with the fact that we could send from Live using a midi CC this instruction so that at any given moment we could reload a pattern without having to manually press this on the DIgitakt.

If this mici cc could be added to the midi implementation than for example using a script like clyphx pro we could press a button on another midi controller to reload pattern, and while we’re on this topic saving pattern would also be great since it would allow for a much integrated control with Ableton to kind of work like a snapshot recall.

What do you guys here think about this idea?