Remote control of buttons & knobs (mnm + other Elektron gears)

I was wondering if it’s possible to record/replay all actions on buttons & knobs on another sequencer with Elektron gears. I currently only own the MnM so here I am, but i’m curious about the other machines too.

Typically it would use sysex messages to transmit any use of the MnM interface: One message for each use of a trig button, shift button, etc. By recording & replaying them on an external sequencer it would be possible to midi-record performances etc

Maybe only one way is possible (e.g it doesn’t transmit but can be remote controlled)…

Any idea?


yeah it is possible. i’ve created a MIDI CC chart which will be helpul. in the yellow fields are the midi numbers btw

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Hi Mdmnm, thank you for the answer.

However, i was not talking about controlling parameters, but about controlling knobs and buttons themselves.

e.g. Trig buttons, start button, etc…

The MM’s SysEx implementation is detailed in Appendix C of the manual. There are no SysEx messages for individual button presses.

As far as I know, the same is true for all the other Elektron instruments.