Removing all samples without losing my projects: how?

Dear Digitakt-people!

My name is Kris and I am the proud owner of a Digitakt. I have a question about the sounds/samples in my machine.

When I started I loaded the Digitakt with a lot of sounds/samples and made like 30 projects with them. Some of them I really like, some of them I don’t like. You know how it is!

To boost my creativity, I want to refresh the complete sample library without losing my existing projects. Is that even possible?

As a test I removed all of the kick samples and now all my projects don’t have kick sounds anymore (sounds logic, right?). But what are the steps that I have to take if I want to remove all of the sounds without losing essential parts of my projects?

I know there is a difference between sounds and samples. I am not really sure what the difference is. Sorry if i use the wrong word in my question.

Hope anyone can help me!

Thanks en be safe,


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I’ve had my Rytm and digitakt for a while now and I’m still not even sure exactly.

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Hey Kris, unfortunately I’m pretty sure there is no easy way to do this. :confused: There is no “delete unused samples” type of command. You could have a look at your projects and see what samples are used, then you can put those into a safe folder and delete all the rest. A bit fiddly but doable if your 30 projects are not too crazy. :slight_smile: Also you can do all the folder arranging and deleting in the Transfer app I believe.

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Really hope the improve transfer to do all this stuff and make full backups

What about elk-herd?

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