Replacing a trigger button

Does anyone here have experience with replacing a trigger button on a Mnm?

I bought a MnM where two of the button triggers are acting up. So I opened the MnM up and had a look. One of the small pins that hold the trigger in place is broken, and the other button had not broken off ompletely, but didn’t look too good.

I contacted Elektron’s support who swiftly offered to send me two replacement buttons so I could fix it myself or to send the unit to them, and have them do the repair. :+1:

I figure, that I could do the replacement myself… or… What are your experiences? Has anyone documented the procedure?

I’ve replaced the Function button on my OT. If you’ve any soldering experience then it’s pretty easy, took me 10 mins.
If you’re not confident I’d suggest getting the parts from Elektron & taking it to a local electronic repair shop. Be way less hassle than shipping the unit to & from Elektron IMO

Yea, I haven’t really soldered anything before. So taking it to a technician is my best option here.

I got the same problem, any idea of the cost if elektron repair it?
I also have crash issue on my MNM.

I didn’t want the hassle and expenses of sending the unit, so I didn’t ask.

I registered my MnM and wrote them a message, and they responded pretty quickly…

I got the replacement buttons from Elektron. They shipped them right away when I contacted them.

Opening the unit was easy, though the caps were indeed tight. Replacing the buttons was as bluewolfse7en stated a fairly simply soldering job, that I had my friend do.

Now my MnM is good as new. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


On my side, I will send them mine because as I have said, sadly my MNM has always crashing after few minutes/hours of utilisation.

I hope this crash stuff can be fixed…