[Request] Drum Patterns +

-Requests- Drum Pattern & Kits.

can anyone tell me the drum pattern, kits & effects used for this track -

Bump …

It’s literally just a really basic kick and clap sound, doing a really basic pattern, all the way through the song

Kick clap kick kick clap

For two and a half minutes

Is this a serious account?

Yes it’s a general novice discussions.

Bpm & 16+ step pattern.

and the paino chords would be nice.

Kick is 1-7-9
Clap is 5-13

Kick sounds 808ish so something deep and low with a soft or no attack

Just lay out the pattern and swap in some kick and clap samples till you get close.

BPM feels around 110


I don’t mean to be rude here; but is this some kind of troll account? In the video you can literally see notes being entered into the volca sequencer… You already have sold several synths here, including a Sonic Potions LXR; which means you must have some experience with programming drums. You can do this :slight_smile:


Not a troll account.

Only the kick is shown.

Wanted to know the bpm & sequence of the clap and hats …

Just your typical Lo-fi break sequence…

Well I watched the video and its a very basic one bar phrase in 4/4. Bpm is slowish, i dunno try 80 and see how that sounds. He enters the kick so you can see that. Snares are on the 2 and 4, 8th note hihats.

Honestly dude if you just tap your fingers along to the beat you can work this out. No theory required.

What’s 8th note hihats

The sequencer here seems to have 16 steps. To enter 16th notes, you’d put a note on each of the 16 steps. To enter 8th notes, you’d use every OTHER step.

87 bpm.

Track 1: 1, 4, 7, 9, 12, 15.
Track 2: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15.
Track 3: 1, 9.
Track 4: 1.
Track 5: 5, 13.
Track 6: 4, 8, 12, 16.
Track 7: 9.
Track 8: 1, 15, 16.

You also need quite some swing, about 25% on a Maschine.

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What’s the tracks :upside_down_face:

Kicks, snare, claps, hi hats ?

I don’t think there is many snare and hi hats available …:yum:

1 Kick, 2 Hihat, 4 Chord. These 3 mappings are important (to a certain extent). You can mix the rest up as you like.

Don’t really want the cords just the drums.

Then just take the drums as described above or in the video, what‘s your point?

Start a timer on your phone and tap along with the beat while counting them. After a certain amount of time, stop, and then multiply your total number of taps with whatever you need to get to a full minute. That’s your BPM (beats per minute).

So, for example, if you count 24 taps during 10 seconds, that’s 24*6=144 BPM.