Request : Notification of documentation updates from Elektron

I like to print things out also, I wish I could get updates (manual wise) for the machines I have just by email. Doesn’t that exist? I had the same with my monologue, they suddenly made an app and I never knew about it until a few days ago.

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We really need to contact Elektron for giving us updates in our mailbox when they change manual etc. Everybody wants an up to date machine and manual they know about that it’s around on the net


An update in our email would be nice, and/or a posting to Eletronauts in the news thread (they do it for new sound packs). :heart_eyes:

Elektron updates the manual for an instrument every time new features are released in an operating system update. The new manual is posted in the support area of Elektron’s website within minutes of the OS update being announced.

Simultaneously, Elektron notifies people on its email list and on its Twitter feed that the new OS version is available. They also post on Elektronauts. They probably also announce it on Facebook and maybe Instagram.

So it’s easy to get instant automatic notification of an OS update and therefore also of a manual release.

If in doubt, you can always download the latest manual from the website and each manual mentions which OS version it describes.


Yes thx for your reply, but I’m kind of fuck social media type of guy, I had facebook and got rid of it years ago and feel much better in my head :smiley: I even got rid of smartphone and use a simple Nokia brick!

I think Elektron changes manual without notifying, only when OS updates occur! But hey I’m sorry for not following the flow of social media, and I probably check my email twice a month.

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So if you sign up to Elektron’s email newsletter then you will get the updates from Elektron that you seek.

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ow, I just did this a few weeks ago when buying my DN, but then I also get other stuff like payable new soundpacks etc, anyway to much mails sometimes with al the gear I have, would like to for example if you register your machine at Elektron you only get mails regarding the machines you have.

Do you have gmail? You can create a filter to mark any email from Elektron with “OS update” as “important”, or filter out any that do not have those terms and delete them upon arrival.


Actually I believe @eangman is pretty reactive with correcting errors in manual, and doesn’t wait for next OS.

Maybe a notification could be implemented for people that register to a particular machine manual update. But then next request would be to know what changed exactly…


that’s what I’m trying to say the whole time, that they keep on changing errors in manuals or giving more information, but we only get notifications about OS updates! Ah nevermind will check on a regular basis now if changes occur.

The last manual update was 11/12. If you got your digitone recently, in the last few weeks as you’ve stated, you should have had the latest manual if you pulled it from the elektron website and not google. The manuals actually do no get changed that often

I’m sure they can call your home :wink:

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I’ve never heard of a company notifying all users on small edits to documentation.

All updates are posted to Elektronauts, so you don’t need to have any attachment to social media.

As for big changes, just like any software/hardware, when you update, its normally expected you will review the documentation for the update that you download. This way you can review new features and changed to product etc.

I’m very confused, you get too much email, and only check twice a month, but you want timely emails on edits to the manual? So, if they do 5 edits in a month that you don’t check your email, you get 5 more emails but you already have too many for all of your products.

Best to just download the manual on new OS releases. If they make any huge significant changes, it will be due to an update in one way or another. I don’t think anyone really cares much about spelling fixes, formatting changes etc.

You could use something like to get notified whenever the support pages for your Elektrons change.


Usually there are more updates to the manual early on after a product is released, mainly because there are always some errors in there. After a while most are ironed out and the manuals gets updated less frequently.
Again, I just like to thank you all for your feedback on the manuals. Its very helpful for me and makes me a happy technical writer :slight_smile:


I’ve got one error to mention, page 59 for A4 MKII, it is in MKI’s too. :wink:

TRANSPOSE transposes the pattern up or down 1-36 octaves. No transpose if set to 0

Not sure how much sense it makes to send out notifications for manual updates but I could ask the internet wizards to see what can be done.
The horrible truth is that I dont track every single change I make in the manuals, because I do a lot of minor adjustments like language improvements and clarifcations. And honestly keeping track of those changes is more work than actually making the changes. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks, Ill get right on that after the holidays :wink:

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I’m completely with you on that. I’ve also done my share of technical writing and knowing how things work, I wouldn’t want to see all those updates. I think things work great how they are, the same way all other businesses run in these regards.

If anything my best suggestion is just track the manual’s minor revision number at the back and drop general info on changes as they are made. OP would just need to snag the manual once and awhile and scroll to the back to check for changes. Major revisions could clear the minor revision change list.

imho even adding the upload/edit date next to the download would help, a quick way when browsing to check if there’s been any recent changes and it should be quite simple to manage

Edit: so simple in fact that it already exists , doh !

to get some perspective here, let’s just remember how awkward it is to verify your OS on an :3lektron: - so don’t expect too much