Request to Roland TB-03 owners

I recently updated both my TB-03’s to v1.06 and I want to try reverting to v1.04 to see if it solves something that was working before but since the update isn’t, problem is I no longer have the old file for 1.04 which was called “boutique2_sys_104” and it isn’t available anywhere to download anymore, I tried waybackmachine but the page wasn’t archived.

Does anyone on the forum have the old file that they could send me?


Uh… Sorry… Didn’t even know there was updates :woozy_face:

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Yeah 1.04 added random and a few other bits, 1.06 added some extra midi options.

Will this link work for you @darenager?

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Unfortunately not, it gives a 404:

404 Not Found

  • Code: NoSuchKey
  • Message: The specified key does not exist.
  • Key: assets/media/zip/
  • RequestId: 6D47F1C949619CB2
  • HostId: VzvkoEx1mKx6D7EHQtNLjJPRb4kIGvcnttIV63vCAThsVPP5NV6da6k9j3AOX5HsR63BfuE1AcM=

But thanks anyway :+1:

@darenager haha yeah based on what I know of your technical skills, I wondered if this was way too easy:).

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Reports of my technical skills are greatly exaggerated :rofl:


Well you got the jargon, throwing down big terms like…404…808…303 hehe

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a bit of trickery in firefox resulted in this:


i have downloaded it for you just in (1.1 MB)


Thank you very much! That is awesome!


no problemo :slight_smile:

I just bought a second-hand unit that is on v 1.05.

Did you find any benefit from downgrading from 1.06 to an earlier version?

No @PeterHanes it did not cure what I believed to be a problem - I could have sworn on an earlier version it was possible to record realtime into the sequencer using midi, but I think that I must have been getting mixed up with something else, as when I reverted to an older version it was not possible.

1.06 seems pretty stable to me FWIW.

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