Requests for a hypothetical octatrack successor

Dream machine :aw:


Exactly. They mute any trigs coming after but the current trig plays out, and importantly fx tails too


Yes, the behavior is clunky. I also use scenes/reverb/neighbors to accomplish quick muting/mixing of a sort.

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I’m so almost on board with that…

There’s trouble using trig mutes with long or looping samples…
Since the trig mutes mute the next trig but play out the last one, a long or looping sample with long amp settings won’t mute… Vice versa unmuting a long track length trigged sample won’t play until the track gets back around…

Maybe there’s a possible modified balanced solution or perhaps could be a personalize option… :thinking:
Perhaps mutes that just drop amp vol to 0 just like xvol :thinking: So the trigs are still trigging underneath?


More intuitive “live looping” functionality (ditch the pickup machines in favor of a EDP-like layout)

Per-track EQ and Compressor not taking up FX slots

Option to have Reverb and/or delay as sends without eating up a track

Emulation of oldschool DACs for a more gritty sound if desired

Double the number of sample tracks

Analog RYTM-style pads for velocity-sensitive input of individual hits and slices

More fleshed-out Arranger mode (fades, pre-FX mutes, tempo changes, global mix automation, song-length audio tracks)


Good news ! As I’m beginning to synce OT>A4>MD with patterns I need to use the Arranger, write REMinders, Tempo. I was planning to erase some trigs to mute tracks in different patterns, but you pointed out something really interesting with Arranger. :thup:

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No vertical mutes.

My next OT from the future:

  • 16 audio tracks
  • more effects per channel
  • updated FX with more settings
  • dead simple one button looper mode
  • the same size as the current OT
  • keep USB for files transfer
  • no Overbridge
  • and a lot of small fixes and improvements
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Fully modular signal routing in the vein of the old Kurzweil K2600.

I guess I’ll be serious for a moment and state that I would love to be able to change rate/pitch/tempo, etc… while your recording or after and still be able to overdub… Basically unlocking the flex to its utmost flexibility, as long as the laws of physics apply. Wouldn’t mind if it dropped out some trigs that were breaking the time barrier involving pitch shift/faster rate, and all that, but if they could make it bend the laws of physics that would be even better… :smiley_cat:

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Hell yeah! This’d be totally wild :smiley:

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8 bars of pattern pages rather than 4

if the ssd option were to be implemented, 16 tracks (thus the name could be Octatrack x2, compared to Octatrack mkII) with two columns of track buttons either side (they would easily fit on the current interface).

sidechain compression options

3 Midi In Out connections

option to retime via pitch rather than timestretching

extra timestretching algorithm especially for bass

preferences to respond more gently to a slightly varying midi clock tempo signal from another device.

option for piano roll midi sequence recording with the option to record up to 32 bars of midi playing without needing to change the midi track’s Scale parameter.

Make it more focussed. Ditch the “can do everything, but has tons of menu diving” approach for something dedicated.

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Please don‘t. There‘s Digitakt for that.


Exactly this! There are enough products available which can only do a very limited set of streamlined things. But there are almost no swiss-knife like tools with extra ordinary depth.

It’s definitely not a good thing to reduce everything to barebones just to cater to people who are not willing to learn the in and outs of an instrument.


must haves for me:

  • more timestretch algos (like the ones in ableton)
  • undo / redo for pick up machines
  • delay AND reverb at the same time useable
  • eq per track without waste an FX slot for that
  • polyphonic playback per track
  • 21° angeld case
  • master volume poti instead of a headphone poti (or both of them)
  • midi thru can be used as second midi out
  • more direct audio thru options (mono / stereo switchable) so you have not to waste a thru track for the use of a mono synth for example
  • Playhead follows waveform in Audioeditor
  • dedicated mastertrack so no waste of t8 for that (incl. master fx)
  • better fx (especialy the comp is unuseable for the master signal)
  • 1 or 2 velocity and aftertouch pads for live trigger one shots

optional wishes:

  • 2 more in and outs to the existing ones
  • more RAM
  • usb midi / audio
  • additional memory

so far :slight_smile:

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Yes! If I understand what you’re saying correctly the Pro 2’s sequencer worked like this. P-locks or live record but you could still tweak the filter afterwards and it would just offset the original values. Probably my favorite part of the Pro 2 and always wished Elektron would offer an option for that.

Edit: Nevermind. Ha. I figured out what you were suggesting. Didn’t get the overdub pickup machine reference at first. That would be cool.

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Trigless triggin’ track trigs - a function where all encoder movements reverts back to their original values when button combination is released.

I know this will raise objections from many, but I’d love to see the form factor of AR/A4 MK2. On the other hand I have this feeling that it might just be transitionary and new machines will look completely different.

Oh of course! Mic / instrument level input!