Requests for a hypothetical octatrack successor

Should it ever surface, what would you like to see on it?

I’m gonna get the obvious out the way and say
individual outs or ADAT
•internal SSD or at least optional
easily replaceable battery

for more ambitious suggestions I’d like to see
•something like flex time in logic (I can of course chop up a sample and time stretch each one individually but it’s a hassle in OT)
•spectral morphing with the crossfader
•granular FX


Part or Kit per pattern.

More ram, more slots.

Midi scenes.


poliphonic playback for each track.

  • master tempo dependent repitching of samples
  • freely configurable encoders
  • internal power source

That would be huge for me. I loved that feature on the OP1.

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OB, updated fx, updated stretch algo, poly tracks.

yep yep yep. id buy it in an instant.


Ability to use a track as a send(let me finish) and ability to dictate send levels per track

Maybe the ability to take this send track and be able to send sound as an LFO

Machinedrum style LFOs

The monomachines FX method(Where FX is it’s own sound source and can be manipulated independently)

The Digitakt’s initial setup(preloaded with samples that can be switched out)

Instead of two FX per track- be able to direct which track will be effected on the menu(Let this value be modulateable)

Blu-Ray player


Next generation sequencer with multiple trigs per step, an option to override trig parameter locks with trigless parameter locks (probably not very clear what I mean) and even more options for conditional trigs. Revamped UI with graphical representations of FX, LFO parameters, ENV curves. Ultra high quality time stretching, threshold based sampling.


This plus master effects whitout sacrificing a sampler track. Id buy one instantly…

The mkii was such a disapointment to me :frowning:


I would love to have a mixer interface on this thing, i.e. faders - mute and solo buttons. (8 faders, which are assignable to group of tracks per part would be cool.) , Midi scenes, also top on the list. Better time stretching, and a better screen, with better status information. (Maybe LED indication of record /play. ) Multiple Midi Outputs, and USB Midi Host capability would be cool.

Maybe make the OT MK 3 , as a modular device, so you could add expansion bords later on. (Analog Engine cards, FX expansion cards etc.)

Midi file ex and import would be cool too, add linear sequencing /and a performance recording mode, where all knob movements are recorded and stored in a file, which could be edited /viewed later.


Assignable track names/colors. Analog Rytm like -mute behavior for synchronized (un)muting. Faders would be great, but would probably make the machine quite unwieldy.

  1. record to disk (aka unlimited recording time)
  2. 48kHz
  3. sd card slot (no real need for an internal ssd or anything like this)
  4. class compliant USB interface for Storage/MIDI/Audio
  5. edit not-active pattern
  6. update sequencer with features from the newer machines
  7. (at least) 10 parameter encoders
  8. larger screen with improved GUI

Yes on this one. In fact if they were able to pull this off with the MK2 I’d wager it would pull a lot more people back in. Cards should be fast enough these days. Not sure about the bandwidth of the machine.

That and double the RAM. I’m still hoping that the MK2 has an extra surprise RAM bank in there that hasn’t been tapped yet.


Draft Beer, 8 of course.


For people who missed them before :

A spherical version with Elvis inside.

With strings


And bike mount


I saw a mod for OT with SPDIF Digital out :

:heavy_minus_sign:Pan-dimensional warp drive triangulator with multi-sensory brainwave scanning for enhanced navigation when setting trajectory points outside of the known universe, ability to lock those parameters…

:heavy_minus_sign:Updated Pickup Machines


Track mutes that behave like the arranger mutes. Y’know, musically…


You mean in Arranger track mutes behave like if there’s no trigs? Unlike Pattern mode who cuts all audio from muted track?

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Rastatrack mode where your dubs don’t get aborted…