Resampled sample sounds different

I’ve got a quite heavily distorted kick sound, which is made of a clean kick overdriven and with an LPF envelope on it. I want to be able to high pass this sound at points in the arrangement and with the current setup of the DT filters, the only way to do this while keeping the LPF Env is to resample it.

Unfortunately, doing so changes the character of the kick. It’s hard to describe but it basically loses a lot of “body”, which I can’t get back. I’d expect the resampling to be a 1:1 (mono) copy of the input but in this case at least, it seems not to be. Not sure if this maybe because the sound is so distorted, or because I’m using the master compressor, but it’s annoying!

Here is an example - the first two times are me playing the sample (once in normal mode and once while sampling), the third is the recorded sample:

I’ve also got a screenshot of the waveform - maybe it’s to do with the sharp transient, as that seems to be preserved but the rest is quieter in the reasampled one?

I just tried with the audio output hooked up the input and I get the same result so maybe it’s something to do with this particular sound and how the DT samples. Strange! I guess I can just sample externally and upload it for now.

Any ideas?

maybe the comp is active ?

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Yeah, it is - ah, might it be that the sound is being resampling with compressor on, then being compressed again? That would make sense! I’m a bit of a noob with compression.

I’ll try recording the sample without compression active this evening! Thanks!


Yes, the DT resamples after the master stage (which is great for creative use, though the ability to select a particular track would be nice). Just disable the comp temporarily when sampling and it should be fine.


Thanks very much!

Yep, this was it, just tried out sampling it without the compressor and it now sounds identical. Thanks!