Resampling with starting and stopping tracks

Hello so I’ve had my octatrack for about a month and still trying to get a grip on it. But one thing I’ve been spending hours on searching for it is this:

I have 3 samples on 3 flexmachines. I start the tracks with just the track triggers (9-16) and stop them at random with the Track button and the stop button. They run freeflowing and not in sync or in any rhythm. Just to create sampled shots of the track and meanwhile playing with the effect of the scene fader. Now is there a possibility to resample all these real live tracks start and stopping to a single track? Because now everytime I press Track and Stop it also stops the recording of the resampled track. And I just want it to continue to record.

I know about muting the track but I would love to have an effects tail on the stopped track. Is there maybe a function that I can stop the track with an effects tail without actually having to use the Stop button?

Interesting, i didn’t realize that track+stop also stopped all recorders :frowning:

How about using mute , but put your FX on neighbor tracks , (or if you have spare cue/inputs use thru, so an fx loop)

Not sure if I followed everything, but you can record MAIN or CUEd tracks with any recorder (track + midi(Mki) or Rec3(Mkii)). You can also choose SRC3=T1-T8.

More complicated but powerfull, with midi loopback (cable between midi in and out), you can use PLAYS FREE MIDI TRACKS and play / record at the same time with appropriate midi notes. You can quantize Plays Free, recordings, playback, use ONE, ONE2, HOLD (for recordings and/or Plays Free).

Yes starting to record is not a problem, but stopping a track means that I have to hit Track + Stop and this also stops the recorder with hitting the Stop button. And I want it to continue to record because my other tracks are still playing on that moment.

You can use a recorder from another track.
Instead of start / stop, you can hold trigs 9-16.
You can use audio Plays Free tracks, and I also edited my above post concerning midi loopback. Many possibilities.

I’ve been using my OT mostly as Drum Machine abd midi sequencer lately, not doing much sampling these days, but amp volume is pre fx.
Can’t you use amp vol? Holding Function and turning the encoder snaps to -63 / 0 / + 63.

You can also use scenes (xvol) or a midi controller with buttons (toggle button with -64 / 0).

Yes playing with the amp volume is a possibility but I want to use it for fast stopping and starting of samples so for me this option is to slow.

Or is there a way to control and mute the amp volume with assignement to a button aside from the scenes slider?

Map to a midi controller with buttons (toggle mode, values -64 / 0) or hold Function while turning the encoder (makes amp volume jump from 0 to -63 and back to 0).

Ofc you could also prepare your scenes, have the scene muted and then unmute (Function + Scene button) to mute tracks.

You can start / stop samples with TRACK button + Start / Stop and use other tracks Recorders, so that they don’t stop.

You can hold trigs 9-16 to play / stop samples, with HOLD = MAX, REL = low value

You can also use Plays Free tracks, ONE2 mode. Slice your samples, it will stop after the last slice.

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