Reset CC value after pressing stop

Hello there,

I am trying to use the Octatrack to control the start and stop of Pamela’s New Workout, by sending a CC message to the Mother 32, which then sends it to PNW.

I set up an infinite ghost trigger with the maximum CC value, but the default state is 0. While everything seems to work fine during sequence playback, when I press stop (even multiple times), PNW keeps running and I have to stop it manually.

It appears that the CC value is not resetting to zero, and I can only stop PNW by slightly moving the CC knob.

Do you have any ideas on how to fix this issue?

I’d try this : Set 0 as default track value and double stop (triple while playing). It should send value 0. Plock other values.

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This is my workflow – and it does not reset to zero until I turn the knob to the left :confused:

Ah ok sorry, I didn’t interpreted as double stop. Could you check with a midi monitor if default values are sent with double stop ?

Ok, for some reason, after a double stop Octatrack is sending CC1 with 127 value :confused:

I can’t see CC1 (ModWheel).

I can see Channel Volume, which is CC7 (normally), sent on channel 1.

Is your midi track set to channel 1 ? Midi tracks channels have to be different from audio tracks channels (Trig Ch, set in MIDI > CONTROL, you can set them to off for tests)

For some reason changing CC1 value is read as Channel Volume by Midi Monitor :confused:
I’ve made a clean project to check it once again. All Adudio tracks Midi is set to off.

Did you set CC1 value 127 on a midi track set to channel 16 ?

I won’t be able to try this week.

Yes – I’ve tested in on other channels and it was set t o16.

So if midi track CC1 value is 127, it seems normal…

But the default value is 0 – and after stop it’s sending 127 again.

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