Reseting Octatrack's FX with Digitakt's MIDI track triggers?

so here’s what I’m trying to do:
I’m using OT as an FX processor for the DT (THRU+NEI), transition sampler (BUFFER REC+NEI) and backing track player (TRACK+NEI)

this topic focuses on the first two: THRU for input + NEI for additional FX.
I wondered if I could set up my first 4 MIDI track triggers in such a way that, when pressing them, they will send CC messages to reset FX to default values (one each for FILTER, DELAY, LOFI and REVERB).

I did a test by mapping DT’s MIDI TRACK 1 channel to TRACK 1 on the OT. Then I selected a few filter parameters on the CC page (freq, width, q).

Now, this seems to work - but just one time, after that I have to press STOP > PLAY if I want it to work again. I wonder why this works that way, and if there’s a way to change this behaviour? any ideas?

I could record a short video if it’s not clear enough

I can only offer speculation for why it works that way, but maybe you can work-around by p-locking trigs with the CCs you want on the MIDI tracks and then just mute/unmute MIDI tracks to gain similar functionality?

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not a bad idea… I’ll try it out!
I had already tried it but with a regular trig, no p-locks…

I think the thing is that OT (DT apparently too, and maybe all Elektrons?) doesn’t send similar CC twice, maybe because of midi protocol bandwith limitation reasons…

Workaround : send a different CC before.
It can be just before with microtiming.


If the OT midi tracks sent the cc value every time instead of only if the value is different than the last value set, if that device is not on local off you couldn’t move the controled knobs on the external device without them resetting every pattern cycle…

Running the external midi device on local off and routing its knobs externally through OT or only controlling the external device from OTs midi knobs will allow the OT to know the value has changed and therefore send cc’s on part reload…

Part reload might send again anyway, can’t check…